The Owen County Sheriff’s Office currently employs seventeen full time Deputy Sheriffs. Lt. Clint Wampler is the patrol division commander and oversees its operation. Working directly under Lt. Wampler are Sgt. Michael Browning and Sgt. Nathan Martin. It is the responsibility of the shift Sergeant to oversee the shift he is assigned and ensure police matters are handled efficiently and effectively.

Each deputy is responsible for responding to calls in the county that come into the dispatch center. They also spend time patrolling the county to help prevent criminal activity. In addition to patrolling, deputies also investigate traffic accidents, thefts, burglaries, domestic disputes, serve warrants, serve court papers, and of course, make arrests. In addition to normal patrol duties, many deputies have completed additional training and certifications in a variety of topics. The department employs 6 deputies who are certified law enforcement instructors with specialized training in firearms, emergency vehicle operations, physical tactics, less lethal options, and vehicle stop tactics. 3 deputies are certified EMT’s or Paramedics, and several are certified School Resource Officers through the National Association of School Resource Officers.

To keep up-to-date on the most recent laws and police procedures, deputies attend classes given by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as well as in house training provided by the department’s certified law enforcement instructors.

Each deputy takes pride in their position as a police officer and performs their duties with the citizens of Owen County in mind.